Douglas Coburn | France Laure



Douglas Coburn was the first man to graduate from the Ottawa Academy of Aesthetics and Hair Design. As a mature student he immediately became aware of the lack of information when concerning male aesthetic practices. This experience motivated him to begin his mission to foster better education in the field of male aesthetics. Today, he is a respected pioneer in this subject as well as the creator of REFLEXOLOGY ANATOMY TM . He graduated from the Reflexology Of Canada Association with an Honours Diploma in 2001

Douglas is well known for the co-creation and operation of the Little House Spa of Ottawa Ontario, (site of his child residence), Little House broke the mold and earned the respect of a growing male audience. It was famous for coining the phrase “the men’s den”. The next project was the Bode Spa of Ottawa, a well known spa that went through much re-design in order to grow differently without its popular salon services. At one point Bode held the title of Canada’s largest spa for men with a staff of 7 male professionals. In 2011 Douglas founded M.E. Male Esthetics in Toronto which was sold a year later so he could turn all his attention to the science and health around feet. From his base in Toronto Canada he was able to balance clients and studies and graduated from the North American School of Podology . This earned him his Bachelor of Science Degree in the study of Podology. Douglas continues to teach private classes and continues to write for various editorials and magazines across Canada and even a few places beyond. Douglas is a respected public speaker, notably for his honest, genuine approach to learning and sharing. Douglas has been on speaking tours in both the USA and in Canada. Happily he is serving his 11th year as a senior Pro-Educator with Esthetique Show International –and now with Le Nouvelle Esthetique Spa Show beginning in 2019.
His mission statement reads “If thought is Energy then Action is intent” .