Joanne Hendry | SkinVacious



Joanne Hendry is the creator and founder of SkinVacious, a complete and natural system to care for your skin.  Spa owner & esthetician for 10 years, Joanne is passionate about a natural approach to skin care.

With a business background as a paralegal and instructor in corporate law, Joanne brings a pragmatic approach to this industry as she continuously strives to simplify skin care by focusing on techniques and products that provide the essential building blocks to support skin function.

As a dedicated advocate for the healthy functioning of skin, Joanne created a holistic microneedling system to enhance the biology of aging skin. She has observed that microneedling activates the power of the human body to regenerate naturally and strongly believes it must be part of a healthy skin care ritual to produce a radiant complexion that is firm, smooth and evenly toned.

Joanne developed and teaches a holistic microneedling course. Her primary interests include research, skin and scalp health, hair restoration and skin care formulating.