The LNE Canada body painting chmpionship is  proud to welcome Alexandra Bastien back as a judge for a second year!



Multidisciplinary visual artist, Body Art-Body Painter, art collector, muralist, entrepreneur, lecturer, teacher, spokesperson. Alexandra is known internationally for her tribute paintings; precise and realistic portraits she creates on the human body. Over the past 3 years, millions of people around the world have seen and enjoyed her work on social networks.

Originally from Repentigny, Quebec, Alexandra Bastien has had a passion for the visual arts since she was very young. Her fascination for drawing and for the representation of the human body is her main source of inspiration and creativity.

Over the past few years, Alexndra has participated in more than 75 exhibitions and competitions outside Quebec. She travels around the globe to design body paintings for various performances, competitions, exhibitions, conventions, promotional launches, advertising campaigns, shows and conferences. She has had the privilege of working with many artists from different spheres and has been able to pay tribute to many personalities such as Arnold Schwarzenegger, Robert Downey Junior, Chris Hemsworth, Tom Holland, Jake Gyllenhaal, Jensen Ackles, Jared Padalecki, Elijah Woods, Millie Bobby Brown, Celine Dion, Snoop Dog among others.

She is the recipient of some thirty national and international awards and distinctions, including Artist of the Year 2019 of the Grands Prix Desjardins, the medal of the National Assembly of Quebec (for her body of work and for her involvement in charitable causes), the Distinction Hommage award from the Institut des Arts Figuratifs du Québec, the gold medal in all categories from the Allied Artists of America of New York, the UKCPS Ann James Massey Award for excellence in drawing, the Faber Castel Award for Best of Show and the Derwent award for Best Human Interest. The artist is featured in over 60 publications and blogs including Make-Up Artist magazine, Hi-Fructose and The Artist’s Magazine.

Spokesperson for the organization Regard En Elle, in Quebec since 2011, she also supports the organizations Le pas de Deux, Les bourses Excellence Repentigny and the foundation À deux pas de la Réussite.


“Body painting is an art form that moves, that breathes, that lives! I practice it because I like to be in contact with the model, create something with it and see it come alive before my eyes. I am addicted to the adrenaline that this practice brings me, since I have to work intensely, quickly and I never know if I will be fully satisfied with the final result! It’s an adventure, which comes to life in front of me and
the model makes my painting vibrate with all its energy! It’s important teamwork. Whether it is to participate in public events, tributes for other artists or even live works for my own exhibitions; the
body art represents several challenges. Seeing the happiness in the eyes of the people I honor in my body art paintings delights me! “



1. What did you want to be when you were young?
A judge, but I quickly switched to the incredible adventures of an artist’s life!

2. The place where you feel best?
When I’m painting, it doesn’t matter where.

3. If you had to eat only one thing for a month, what would it be?
Poutine with wine sauce and three cheeses.

4. What do you think about at night when you go to bed?
Nothing, I go into a coma in 5 seconds.

5. If you had a day left to live, what would you do?
Hop on a plane to the land of my dreams with the best bottle of champagne and spend the rest of my time reliving the best moments of my life!  I want to go in gratitude!

6. If you could change one thing about yourself (without necessarily being your looks), what would it be?
My obsession with work.

7. Three movie/television characters that describe you perfectly?
Bridget Jones, Peter Pan and Willy Wonka.

8. Who is your favourite band or artist of all time?

9. What really appeals to you about someone?
I am totally attracted to people who have empathy, passion and a drive to achieve their goals.

10. What would you like to accomplish one day?
Every day I create and live to the fullest. With my art practice and by getting involved in my community, I create something positive and make a difference.

11. Do you like to have more regrets or remorse in life?
Both make me feel bad.

12. The most beautiful place you’ve been is where?
The city of Stavanger in Norway is a place decorated with murals and artwork. It’s a place full of creativity and beauty.

13. Do you believe in karma?

14. What movie would you watch over and over again?
The Shining by Stephen King.

15. A big crazy thing you’ve done in your life, what’s that?
Leaving Canada to eat at the Noma restaurant in Denmark, the best restaurant in the world.

16. How much more complicated would your life get if your cell phone was taken away?
A big blackout would happen.

17. What book are you reading right now?
Over the top, a raw journey to self love by Jonathan Van Ness.

18. If they give you a week off right now, what do you do?
What’s a week off?

19. If you could come back at any time in your life, not to change anything, but to enjoy the moment, when would that be?
I’d like to relive all my first times! The feeling of butterflies in my stomach with each new experience is one of my favourite things in life.

20. What do you like about the art of body painting?
Observing a body painting that breathes and moves through a human being is an experience to be lived.