2019 Innovation Award Winner



Prestige Cuvé

When it comes to anti-aging, this company selects the most effective active ingredients. World pioneers in beauty, synonymous with innovative aesthetic treatments, they are well ahead of their time. “Made in Germany,” for guaranteed quality, Gerhard Klapp, founder, anti-aging expert and naturopath for over 35 years, presents his latest masterpiece: Cuvée Prestige anti-aging line. Normally reserved for the most delicate sparkling wines, this product range contains Royal Grape extracts and neutralizes free radicals thanks to flavonoids, Grape Seed Oil, Vitamin E and finally a patented molecule, QT40®, a marine derived oligosaccharide, Sea Lettuce extract which stimulates collagen synthesis and hyaluronic acid.


Soothing Cream

She has devoted her whole life to aesthetics and her business model is a source of inspiration. A Quebec family business founded in 1958, Académie Edith Serei has earned international recognition. Thousands of aestheticians have been trained by this academy over the past 60 years. Today, the company is proud of their range of paraben-free cosmetics products, developed in Canada, and approved by their highly qualified teachers. Their latest innovation: a very modern soothing cream meant to be applied directly after microdermabrasion, photo rejuvenation sessions, laser hair removal or peelings. It soothes irritated skin, moisturizes and protects against the cold and sun and reduces irritation, redness and itching caused by radiation and eczema.


The Sun Line

A San Diego-based company that produces luxury organic sun creams and has already received a large number of awards! Their exclusive formulas include more than 70% certified organic ingredients and the majority of the products are made in a factory that runs on solar energy (the sun working to protect you from the sun). Just as the “Farm to Table” movement, COOLA has a “Farm to Face” philosophy that supports the local community’s economy. Finally, all COOLA products contain protective elements extracted from plants, are gluten-free and vegan.


Probio Omega Cell Cream

Discover the world of cosmetic biotechnology and green chemistry: microorganisms that transform plants into new, innovative molecules for spectacular results on the skin. Discover Aquafolia. This Canadian company only uses the best ingredients of natural and organic origin and formulates its products according to the natural laws of skin absorption for superior effectiveness. Their neutral fragrances are suitable for all genders. With the rising popularity of probiotics, Probio Omega Cell Cream is right on track with its bacterial fermentation lysates that promote skin’s natural defences and hydrate the skin to regenerate its natural barriers.


For mature skin

Women aged 50 and over strive to age harmoniously and expect lasting beauty care. The desire to feel magnificent at every age marks the end of the anti-aging craze, which Esthederm Institute research laboratories anticipated in 1978. Inspired by Naos ecobiology, we present Excellage: a truly efficient line that complements the most pleasant care. Stimulation of connexins has become a promising area of expertise because it involves biological action on all levels: tissues, cells, molecules…

The ecobiological approach takes on aging by optimizing the functional processes of the skin ecosystem.


Excellage from Esthederm facilitates cellular communication to restore tissue cohesion and dermal density.


Malu Wilz – Rich Hand Cream and Mask

Did you know that a woman’s hands always show her true age? Hands talk and speak for themselves. While they sometimes betray our thoughts and emotions, they can also betray our age. Highly solicited and exposed to many stresses, hands suffer and become dryer than other body parts since they do not contain sebaceous glands. Importer and distributor for over 40 years, Dupuis Magna stands out with its exclusive offer of high-end cosmetic products and its ability to constantly renew itself. The German Malu Wilz range provides a true solution: their 2-in-1 CREAM AND RICH MASK FOR HANDS. Intensely nourishing, it is the ideal regenerating treatment for damaged and very dry hands. Rich nutrients such as Shea butter, grape seed oil and panthenol result in soft, intensely moisturized, smooth and supple skin.


Bio+ Organic Line

For nearly 40 years, millions of women in more than 60 countries around the world have been seduced by the exceptional performance of the Vagheggi skincare range. This year, they launched the Bio+ Organic Line with great enthusiasm! Vagheggi has responded to an increasing demand for organic cosmetics by creating a line of high-end products that is amazingly coherent and functional. A versatile line that moisturizes, nourishes, soothes the skin and offers customizable textures.

These organic products are authentic, functional and extremely effective. Their formulas, inspired by nature, are pure and certified Organic Cosmos and Vegan. In addition, recyclable tinplate cases are phthalates and BPA free. They can be reused for food, small objects or plant seedlings.



UFO puts all the power of LED light therapy in the hands of the aesthetician with a 3-in-1 targeted facial treatment device. Your clients will appreciate a painless and UV-free phototherapy treatment as the red, green and blue light wavelengths effortlessly rejuvenate the skin. FOREO’s UFO offers a full-spectrum facial treatment that promotes the absorption of the mask’s active ingredients and leaves skin radiant and healthy looking. As the UFO gradually warms up in thermotherapy mode, it injects active mask ingredients into the skin for more effective facial treatments in less time. Safe and effective for all skin types, even those with photosensitivity, UFO is made from ultra-hygienic and soft-touch silicone. The device is 100% waterproof and easy to clean.


Vertiginous Solar Care

Initially dedicated to ancestral beauty rituals, this company’s family history keeps on renewing itself with each generation. Passionate about cosmetics and with their experience in the decoration industry, Elisabeth Arnaud and Fabrice Said of BAIJA wanted to unite the best of both worlds by creating products with addictive formulas. BAIJA offers an amazing and exclusive olfactory universe, formulated and manufactured in Mexico with ingredients of natural origin. Each universe is conceived as a couture collection where explosions of colour blend with floral and geometric elements. The Vertige Solaire collection captured our imaginations with its notes of Tuberose Bergamot, a native Mexican flower that was forbidden to young women during the Renaissance because it was believed to cause troubling thoughts. Hypnotic and tempting—it stirs up our senses. Its vertiginous and amazing scents will leave you feeling light-headed.


Pure Mask Youth Infuser

This Quebec-based company develops exceptional products resulting from constant research on the best and most innovative active ingredients in its state-of-the-art laboratories. Laboratoires Docteur Renaud offers institute professionals a truly exclusive product: the first dry mask on the cosmetics market. This technology allows rapid absorption of key mask ingredients but also protects against environmental stresses and evaporation. It is an effective and practical product because it is dry to the touch, easy to integrate into a beauty routine and reusable up to 3 times. It can conveniently be used as a radiance booster before an event, to prepare the skin before an anti-aging treatment or to maintain the benefits of a treatment between two appointments.



Based on more than 40 years of research and constant innovation in pharmacocosmetology®, this family company offers face and body care products that meet performance and safety criteria of pharmaceutical standards. France Laure innovates through the use of biotechnology for its cosmetic formulas, manufactured here in Quebec. Skin loses its radiance with fatigue, stress or simply time. That’s why France Laure created the Dermolysis treatment, which is a deep peeling with an advanced bioactive exfoliation formula. It is activated by the action of enzymes that break down protein fibres to eliminate dead cells and impurities, refine the skin’s texture, lighten and even out the complexion. Its in-depth action cleanses pores and protects and stimulates living cells by only targeting dead cells and blackheads.

A must-have in-depth exfoliator for your professional care routine.


La Nuit Product Range

Certified organic Bio-Suisse and Ecocert, Luzern products are ultra-effective and free of toxic irritants. This luxury range offers an oxygen-based paramedical and organic concept. Cold formulation and manual extraction of plants are key elements of the brand. Our skin is extremely active during the night. Cellular regeneration, strengthening of the epidermis, activation of microcirculation: it uses its own mechanisms to prepare for the day to come. Luzern’s La Nuit collection is a truly regenerative line aimed at restoring healthy skin.

Swiss Alpine Extracts, Retinol and Peptides reduce the appearance of discolouration and soften fine lines and wrinkles for firmer, more radiant skin.