At the age of 5, sitting in front of the TV, Franca was watching the Oscars where the stars were parading in all their splendor. The frenzy that came over her would shape the rest of her life. She began to leaf through fashion magazines and was captivated by what she saw. She began to make-up, dress and photograph her dolls and total and perfect happiness settled within her. In 1996, Franca enrolled at Joe Blasco Makeup School in Hollywood, California, to learn beauty make-up and FX (special effects) where she graduated with honors. Franca then landed contracts as a make-up and wardrobe artist for film productions (I.A.T.S.E.).

Having always been immersed in a world of cameras and filming, Franca feels at home both in front and behind the camera.  In 2004, having become a mother, she found her motivation to rally her various artistic abilities and her passion for creation to make it a profession that she is passionate about.   Since then, Franca has been working as a photographer and/or make-up artist in various credos such as corporate, artists, advertising, fashion, glam, weddings, and others.

Photography, makeup and retouching are an integral part of her work. Whether it’s for personal or professional creative projects or for world competitive events such as the Mirror Awards or the Contessa, Franca likes to combine all her skills.

Franca can be found working either out in the field or in her home studio, intensely enjoying each moment of sharing and creation.