On social networks, silence your followers and the people who like your page can be awkward. A post that engages your public, meaning something that creates an emotion that will make your visitors want to like, share, give their opinions or comment on a post, is what’s most important. Only then will you be able to retain your audience, be visible to a larger number of people and make your presence profitable.


When it comes to social networks, readers don’t want a 1,000-page novel. What they want most is quick and easy access to information. Studies show that shorter posts get more likes, comments and are shared more than those with over 250 characters. Being concise makes a big difference! So try to make it straight to the point, use simple words that are engaging and adapted to your target audience.

Keep in mind that an informal tone doesn’t mean being unprofessional! If you’re using your professional accounts, you’re there as a credible expert. Ending your post with a question is a common and effective way to increase activity.


A picture speaks 1,000 words, we all know that in the beauty industry visual impact is huge. Get the picture? Your message will be understood right away and will stay in people’s mind for a longer time.

Pictures capture the attention of your followers when they are scrolling through their feed. Images stand out.

Don’t be afraid to share your beautiful makeup creations, eyelash extensions and other images that are attention-grabbing to your public!

Also note that your images don’t have to be limited to pictures. Nowadays, text can be just as interesting to your audience if it’s posted in a visual way: a quote shown as an image, a banner message, advice paired with graphic design.

If you don’t have money to ask a graphic designer for help, you can use online tools that offer a variety of options, and those are mostly free: Canva for any post on a social network, Recite for quotes, Picktochart or for infography Tagul for word clouds…

Aside from the choice of the image and its ability to gather attention, there are other things to keep in mind:

Image formatting: every social network has its own posting policies with different minimum and maximum dimensions guidelines. If you want your image to look clean, make sure that the format is adapted to the social network you’ll be using.
Copyright: if you’re using photos that aren’t yours on your social accounts, you can’t just grab one of the web! Copyright laws apply, so you have to buy or find free images (on Fotolia or Pixabay for example) that can be used while respecting copyright laws.


Your fans chose to follow your page and want to see posts on their wall. In return, they expect content that will interest, amuse, inspire, move, amaze, surprise and teach them new things. It’s not by posting a million sales messages that you will reach followers on your social network accounts.

Your posts should be interesting for those who are interested in you!

For maximum success, follow the 20/80 rule: 20 % of “transactional” communication about your treatments, products, promotions, news and commercial events and 80 % social and emotional stuff, where you share information about your salon, ambiance, what’s happening behind the scenes, entertaining facts and free advice. Your messages should give information that shows your expertise, your authenticity , and connect you with your customers on a deeper level.

Need a bit of inspiration? The list of interesting topics is endless!

Are you participating in an event? Post some pictures!
Is there someone new joining your team of aestheticians? Introduce them!
Do you want to tell your followers about a good at-home care routine? Create a graphic design showcasing your best skincare advice!
Are you hosting an event, launching a new product, doing some renovations or working on a new look? Show yourself in action!

We hope that all of these suggestions will help you avoid the writer’s block!


Many people are chaotic about their posts. They alternate between periods of strong presence and posting rarely because they don’t have time or aren’t feeling inspired. To avoid irregularity, which can be detrimental to your connection with your followers, the solution is to create a post schedule.

Every month, set aside an hour for choosing themes, select post dates and if possible, writing posts and having relevant content ready to go. You can even think ahead and schedule posts in advance by entering future dates and times. That way, you will be sure you won’t forget to post even if you’re in a big rush you’ll save time, and be more efficient.

Obviously you shouldn’t post something that is no longer relevant: spontaneity is definitely a must on social networks!


It’s seems like common sense, but as is often the case in these situations, it can easily be forgotten. What matters is not that you post when you have the free time to do so, but at a time that is convenient for your community and when your followers are ready to interact with you!

On social networks, there are specific days of the week and particular times of the day that are better (Thursday and Friday on Facebook, for example). The most important thing is to know your community’s behaviour. The good news there are statistics available from your accounts that can tell you when your subscribers are online. Make sure to use them to your advantage!


You definitely didn’t become a beauty expert overnight, right? You needed time to learn, to test different protocols, identify what your customers wanted and made mistakes and learned from them.

The same applies to your social network presence. Take a step back and look closely at works best with your subscribers, what they react to most, what is the best tone and what medium suits them best. Don’t be afraid to test, analyze and learn from your mistakes. In time, your path to engage with your community will become clearer and you’ll have a few tricks up your sleeve!

Now get out there and start posting!

** Article by Arnaud WALLETON, Pygmalion & Galatée, as seen in the Winter 2018 issue of Les Nouvelles Esthétiques Spa Canada, English Edition **