Please read and follow the official rules and regulations carefully to ensure that your entry is complete and valid. Failure to do so may result in immediate disqualification of the entrant.




To take part in the Canadian Nail Art Championship is signing up to push the limits of your ar.

The Championship will crown the next four Nail Art Champions.

Candidates are first called to register in one or more of the four main categories of the Canadian Nail Art Championship.

Entries will be evaluated by a jury composed of members chosen from amongst the most prominent personalities in the world of beauty.


  1. FANTASY; 3D structure.
  2. HANDPAINTED; hand-painted
  3. SALON STYLE; current trends

The finale of each category will take place on May 3 & 4 during which the artists will have to perform with their model in front of the spectators who will be able to admire the nail art in action.




As of March 29, 2020, a selection committee, appointed by the Championship Management, will select the participants by analyzing all the photos and files submitted during the registration period.

The finalists’ first and last names will be announced on the Facebook page of LNE Canada on April 1st.

Under no circumstances will registration forms be returned to participants.

Participants are invited to the Nouvelles Esthétiques Canada Congress for the final stage of the Canadian Nail Art Championship.  In front of an audience, each of the finalists will have to complete their nail design on a model of their choice, according to the restrictions of their category.

Judges will be present on the competition floor and will evaluate the finalists’ work live to ensure that the candidates are working in accordance with industry hygiene practices.

At the conclusion of these events, the organization will announce the winners of the Canadian Nail Art Championship.



The jury for the Canadian Nail Art Championship is composed of members chosen from among the most eminent personalities in the world of Canadian Nail Art. They are responsible for selecting and rewarding the most deserving participants and have complete discretion in selecting the winners and awarding prizes at the Championship Grand Finales.

The jury will observe the artists at work to ensure that everything is done according to the rules. In the case of an irregularity (e.g. an artist who continues the work after the allotted time has elapsed, etc.) the jury will decide on the penalty during the final scoring.

The main evaluation criteria taken into account are:

  • Artistic ability,
  • Interpretation of the theme, idea and originality
  • Quality and balance of the work of art
  • Professionalism, cleanliness of the work site
  • Stress Management
  • Hand Care
  • Complexity of the project

Judges decisions are final.


CND™ Challenge at LNE 2020

Challenging nail artists to create their artistic vision of our theme using industry-leading CND SHELLAC ™ products! Contestants will have access to ours current CND Shellac collection to create original works of flat Nail Art on 5 tips.


  • 3 Hours total – to be completed on 5 tips (no models required)
  • All work must be completed on-site and will be supervised by judges present.
  • Contestants may arrive 30 minutes before to set-up and ask any technical questions they may have about CND products
  • Theme will be announced min 1 month before contest date
  • Contestants will be allowed to bring a visual references and/or use their smart phones during challenge.
  • To be completed on 5 tips – (supplied by contest)
  • There will be a 10-minute warning and a 5-minute countdown.



Contestants are free to + encouraged to bring their own CND Shellac Products to use but CND will be supplying a variety of seasonal and basic CND Shellac shades for contestants use.

  • No other brands of gel polish other than CND Shellac will be permitted during the challenge, resin and powder will not be permitted.

Any additional supplies from below listed may be used but may not occupy more than 50% of the total space allocated (5 tips)

  • Acrylic paint
  • Rhinestones
  • Glitter and/or pigments

Nail Artists must bring their own tools, art supplies and materials including the following:

  • Art brushes / sponges / dotting tools etc.
  • Palettes / misc. art supplies
  • 99% Alcohol and/or any required solvents
  • Water if using paint and cups
  • UV lamp for curing (we recommend CND brand lamps)
  • Smartphone if competing in the CND social contest (details below)
  • Stands or for accessories for supporting your tips while working.

To be announced April 1st, 2020


We will use CND Shellac TM English Garden collection display



Get ready to get out of your comfort zone with the FANTAISIE category!

Finalists in this category will have to create a whimsical 3D creation within the allotted time.

Free style with no creative restrictions. There is no limit to the number of 3D structures that participants will be able to put on their model’s nails. The use of costumes and props is permitted, but are the sole responsibility of the artist.  No external help (hairdresser, make-up artist, etc.) is permitted.

For the finale:

  • Participants will have to finalize only 2 nails on site.
  • The total time allowed is 4h00 (four hours).
  • Nail structures and carving must be prepared in advance.
  • The choice of prosthetics must match the structure of the nail and the hand. Think about a professional photo shoot.
  • The nails can be glued to the model using double-sided adhesive tape.
  • Artists must provide their own materials and no materials are imposed on participants.
  • There are no restrictions on the format of the creation and the medium used.


TO YOUR BRUSHES - hand painted

Free the painter in you!

Mastery of art, meticulousness and attention to detail are the order of the day for the TO YOUR BRUSHES category. The finalists selected for this category will have to create, on a model’s hand and within the allotted time period, works of art in PAINT ONLY.

For the finale:

  • The shape of the nails must be worked and clean before the final. The shape of the nails is important and will be judged and must complement the design.
  • The nails can have a neutral base and already be ready to receive your artwork.
  • No design should be pre-made. The nails should be a blank page of plain color and neutral background.
  • The total time allowed is 3 hours (three hours).
  • Artists must provide their own materials and no materials are imposed on participants.
  • Nails can be glued to the model using double-sided adhesive tape.
  • No accessories are allowed, jewellery, metallic ribbon and others are not allowed in this category.
  • Artists will only be allowed to paint, and this with the paint and medium of their choice.



Infiltrate the LNE Canada Congress universe!

The finalists selected for the SALON STYLE category will have to create, on both hands of a model and within the allotted time, a work that respects the current trends in nail design (both in terms of nail length and the techniques and accessories used).

For the finale:

  • The shape of the nails must be worked and clean before the final.
  • The nails can have a neutral base and already be ready to receive your work.
  • All free edge shapes are allowed
  • The shape of the nails must be creative, trendiness and originality are a MUST but must remain portable.
  • Artists must provide their own material and no material is imposed on the participants.
  • All accessories are allowed, jewelry, feathers, stones, ribbons, gold leaf, and leaf with texture, no more than 50%.
  • Creations must remain portable.
  • The total time allowed is 2h30 (two and a half hours)
  • This contest is on natural nails only.The nails of all models will be checked to ensure that the rules are followed.  If it is established that the models’ nails have been manicured prior to the contest there will be a penalty of 5 points
  • Any color is allowed.
  • There is no limit to the number of colours used, no pre-assembly is allowed
  • Gluing is allowed
  • Hygiene rules must also be followed.



To enter the competition, participants must complete the online registration form on this website before March 23, 2020.

Entry is considered complete when the entry fee is paid and the original photographs are sent via the form.

The competition is open to all Nail Art artists aged 18 and over.

Entries can be made on our website until March 23rd, 2020, the date on which entries will be closed.

The registration fee of 50$ includes the access pass for the participants chosen during the championship and for the model for the day of the competition.

  • Please note: participants who were not selected for the grand finale will be entitled to free access to the Congress for the 2 days May 3 and 4, 2020.
  • There will be no refund of money already given, nor will there be any refund if there is no participation in the competition. The registration fee applies to logistics and organization costs, as well as to certain benefits allocated to the artists.

*Acceptance of the application after analysis of the artist’s portfolio



The Canadian Nail Art Championship is open to artists of all genders, all levels of experience (beginner, intermediate, expert and instructor) 18 years of age and older as of March 31, 2020.

Participants may choose to register in one or more categories of the Nail Art Championship without restriction.


work area

The competition will be held at the Palais des congrès de Montréal.

Since all artists will be working side by side, we expect each artist and model to behave respectfully so as not to interfere with the other competitors.

In the workspace, access is limited only to artists and models directly involved in the competition.



  1. By completing the official entry form, the participant agrees to the rules and conditions of participation of the Canadian Nail Art Championship and to the decisions of the judging panel.
  2. All photos and all documents produced by the participants and submitted to the organization of the Championship become the property of Nouvelles Esthétiques Canada. Participants are required to release, in favour of the Championship, all rights of ownership and continuation of these items for an indefinite period of time.
  3. By filling out the official registration form, participants consent to future use of their photographs by the Championship.
  4. The Championship will disqualify any participant who has not paid his or her registration fee in full by March 23, 2020.
  5. The management reserves the right to request any additional information from the participant.
  6. In the event of non-compliance with any of the rules and conditions of participation, the offending participant will be subject to disqualification without appeal.
  7. After registration, all competitors must comply with the rules before, during and after the competitions, and must also be fair and respectable, on the stage and in the more private areas, as well as outside the competition perimeter. Unfair behaviour with anyone, before, during or after the competition is prohibited, othewise the competitor will be expelled according to a decision of the organizers.
  8. Competitors must not share any clues or information about their plans and artistic endeavours for the day of the championship.
  9. Members of the jury have full discretion in the selection of finalists and winners and the awarding of the Championship prizes. Jury decisions are final.
  10. Candidates are required to bring all the necessary material to realize their art.
  11. All products and tools will be inspected by a room judge prior to the competition.
  12. Oil is allowed
  13. The use of electric sanding machines is permitted.
  14. Top coats are permitted.
  15. For all categories, models must have their prosthesis fitting done a few days before.
  16. Participants are free to use the colours of their choice. The prostheses must be LIMED AND POLISHED for the day of the championship. During the finals, the participants will be able to concentrate on their artistic work. This step is not to be neglected as it will also be evaluated.
  17. The Organization will disqualify any finalist who has not responded to its official invitation to participate in the Grand Finale of the Championship during the Les Nouvelles Esthétique Canada Congress on May 3 and 4, 2020 .
  18. Finalists are required to make themselves available for any interviews, videos and/or promotional events related to the Championship, as soon as the finalists’ names are announced, up to and including June 30, 2020.
  19. After the official awards ceremony, only the winners of the two main categories of the Canadian Nail Art Championships may identify themselves as “Canadian Nail Art Champions”.
  20. The validity, application, interpretation and enforcement of these regulations shall be governed by the laws in force in the Province of Quebec, Canada.
  21. The original language used for the drafting of this document is French. In the event of a dispute, only the French version of the text will be legally binding.