Rules for the Massage Championships

MISSION & VALUES The LNE SPA CANADA Canadian Massage Championship is an opportunity for:

  • Achieving and surpassing yourself as a therapist
  • Demonstrate your expertise and professionalism to the general public
  • Promote the profession of massage therapy
  • Create a Pan-Canadian community spirit
  • Promote sharing, caring and mutual aid
  • Encourage the general public to consult in massage therapy
  • Stimulate healthy competition and promote harmonious exchanges


  • Hold a valid diploma of professional studies in massage therapy
  • Be a member of a massage therapy association
  • Have professional liability insurance coverage

ATTENDANCE & PARTICIPATION The LNE SPA Canada Canadian Massage Championship is held over two days:

  1. Première journée (7 MAI 2023)
    • First rounds of the Championship and selection of finalists
  2. Deuxième journée (8 MAI 2023)
    • Final
    • Prize-giving ceremony

PARTICIPATION CATEGORIES 30 minutes of Massage according to the category chosen at registration (applied only on the back part of the body.)

Freestyle Objective: Global and personalized massage Get inspired by all types of massage maneuvers and styles combined For example: Swedish, Shiatsu on table, Californian, Lomi lomi, etc. Your massage can include many optional techniques such as: rhythmic oscillations, acupressure, polarity, Tibetan bowl, Ayurvedic approach, etc.

Therapeutic Objective: Specific massage that aims to increase the flexibility of tissues and the amplitude of a joint or muscle group Get inspired by different styles and maneuvers such as: Deep tissue, Sports, Swedish, Kinesitherapy, Biocorporal, Thai on table, etc. Your massage can include several optional techniques such as: Mobilizations, Tissue Decongestion, Percussion, Rhythmic Oscillation, Fasciatherapy, Guasha, Myofascial Decompression with cupping, IASTM, Bamboo, Trigger Points, etc.

REGISTRATION & PROCEDURES To participate, you will need to register via the website and pay the registration fees*. *The registration fees allow all those who apply as well as their receivers to obtain a 2-DAY Access Pass. This pass allows you to attend the different rounds of the Championship, in addition to having access to several conferences and to browse the Exhibitor floor during the Les Nouvelles Esthétiques Spa Canada Congress.

A confirmation email will be automatically sent to you following your registration. Nothing in your inbox? We recommend that you check your junk mail to see if your confirmation is there. If you have not received anything, please contact by email so that we can validate and confirm your registration and send you the complete information.

When registering online, you will need to provide:

  1. Proof of graduation from a massage therapy program**.
  2. Proof of membership in a massage therapy association**.
  3. Proof of professional liability insurance coverage**.
  4. 3 photos of yourself***.
  5. Acceptance of the terms and conditions as well as the photo and video consent that will be taken during the Championship.

** For these documents, you can simply take a legible photo ***Photos taken with a cell phone are accepted, without filters and ideally on a neutral background. No refunds or transfers unless the championship is cancelled by The LNE SPA Canada Massage Championship.  


  • Respect, harmony and kindness are required in communications both in person and on social media between : jury members, members of the organizational event committee, competitors, recipients and the general public.
  • Any activity and/or gestures with sexual connotations are strictly forbidden and could justify the expulsion of your candidacy from the Championship.
  • By participating in the Canadian Massage Championships, you give us the right to use photos and videos to promote yourself and the LNE SPA Canada Canadian Massage Championships.
  • Commit to promoting the highest values of the massage profession through your participation in the LNE SPA Canada Canadian Massage Championships.
  • The LNE SPA Canada Canadian Massage Championships reserves the right to refuse participants who do not respect the rules or who seek to tacitly or explicitly interfere with the proper functioning of the Championships.


  1. Presentation
  2. Innovation
  3. Techniques
  4. Ergonomics / Posture
  5. Fluidity
  6. Receiver draping
  7. Contact with the receiver

*Please note that the protocols for evaluating the results for each competitor and the judges scoring of the criteria are confidential and final.

1.  Therapist Presentation

  • Short presentation of 45-60 seconds maximum about you, your massage and techniques
  • Choice of bedding: Originality, cleanliness and beauty of overall visual presentation
  • Workstation: Clean, tidy and nothing under the table
  • Therapist presentation: Hair tied back, beard trimmed, nails clean and short
  • Personal hygiene of donor and receiver
  • Professional attire: No jeans or clothing with holes, no rings or bracelets

2. Innovation

  • Combine different techniques
  • Create original movements
  • Bring in new techniques or movements that enhance the purpose of the massage.

3. Techniques

  • Techniques are performed accurately and well demonstrated visually

4. Ergonomics / Posture

  • The height adjustment of the massage table
  • The posture of the therapist (Being in line with the movement)
  • The transfer of weight through the different techniques
  • The position of the receiver: cervical head in proper alignment, lumbar support, etc.

5. Fluidity of the massage / Sequencing

  • Adjusting the rhythms and fluidity of the massage according to the desired goal
  • Making sure tools and products are accessible so as not to cut the session short and unnecessarily lose contact with the receiver
  • Sequence of the massage: contact, manner in which the therapist segues into his/her massage and the ending of the massage
  • Transitions of the techniques must be harmonious and reflect the benefits intended from them while they are used on the massage therapist’s receiver

6. Draping and respect of intimacy

  • The art of draping must be taken with consideration and respect the intimacy of the body of the receiver
  • The parts being massaged are to be uncovered while the parts not being massaged must remain covered
  • Receivers must always keep their bottom underwear on

7. Contact with the receiver

  • Kindness, empathy and consciousness
  • Respect for the receiver’s range of motion of the body
  • Attention to the receiver’s needs while performing the massage
  • The intention of touch


It is your responsibility to arrive at the site in advance accompanied by your receiver

1. Organization of your work plan

Before competing, you will have 15 minutes to:

  • Adjust your massage table to the correct height
  • Prepare your table and pedestal table
  • Set up your receiver
    • Cabins will be available for you to store your equipment and change discreetly on the site
    • Provide the necessary equipment for your receiver such as a bathrobe and foot cover to get from the cabins to your table

2. Before starting the massage round: Short presentation

  • Duration: 45 to 60 seconds
  • Your first and last name
  • Explanation of which techniques your massage is based on and their beneficial effects
  • Presentation of your receiver + first name

3.First round: Your Massage           Sunday May 07, 2023

30 minutes Freestyle or Therapeutic Massage applied only on the posterior part of the body presented by the therapist’s choice in one of the following categories (Posterior parts included: feet, legs, back, arms, hands, shoulders, neck, head)

  • No electrical devices allowed
  • No needles or techniques that pierce the skin
  • No chiropractic or osteopathic manipulation or physical therapy

4.Round 2 (Final)             Monday, May 08, 2023

Finalists will be invited to present their 30-minute massage on Day 2

5. Important to know

  • A massage table will be provided for each participant
  • Equipment: it is your responsibility to bring your bedding, sheets, oils, disinfectants, tools, and all necessary products needed for your massage
  • You must arrive at the Presentation area 30 minutes before your scheduled time
  • You will be penalized on your score if you are late


Fill out the online form and provide requested documents

Early registration until February 1st, 2023 With the promo code CHAMP2023: 125$

Regular price for registration: 150$

No refunds or transfers unless the championship is cancelled by The LNE SPA Canada Massage Championship.  

Method of payment on the website

A note to unselected participants:

Don’t be disappointed if you are not among the finalists, you will try your luck at the championship in a future edition. By participating, you give yourself a chance to show the potential in you. You show your courage and boldness to go forward.

That is the spirit of a champion!

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