2019 Davincia Seminar

Equipped to flourish?

On January 27th, at Laval’s Palace Convention Centre, was held the 2019 Davincia Seminar: a place to network and share experience and tips, during which the many attendees have had the chance to discover all of Davincia Bio Compatible Skincare products as well as their 100% natural alternative to chemical peelings.

The participants also had the chance to assist to an exclusive conference by Isabelle Carrière, a renowned business coach, as well as to take part in a marketing class about the importance of customer relations. Mrs. Forget, president and founder of Davincia, then shared her knowledge about the microcosm of the skin. The day ultimately ended with a great share from the brand ambassadors about many special cases they encountered during their practice.

A great event in which LNE Canada’s team was glad to participate by offering the very lash edition of the magazine to all of the attendees!

Galerie photos: