Aesthetician of The Year Award 2021


OBJECTIVE: Les Nouvelles Esthétiques Canada organizes the “Esthetician of the Year” contest in order to promote and support the development of professionals in the field of esthetics.

ELIGIBILITY: This contest is open to all professionals in the field of esthetics aged 18 years and older, whether you work in an institute or at home and in the field of education. Participants must reside in Canada, be graduated in aesthetics by a recognized training center.

REGISTRATION: Registration is free and will be held from March 8, 2021 to May 8, 2021.

JURY: The Jury members are responsible for ensuring that each application is properly reviewed. Confidentiality and impartiality will be an integral part of the process. The members of the Jury are kept anonymous in order to maintain objectivity, avoid privileged relationships and favoritism, so that the choices are made in complete independence and autonomy.

The Jury ensures that the rules and procedures are followed. The study of the applications will be done with rigor in a spirit of good competition.

Esthetics News Canada is responsible for transmitting the results of the Aesthetician of the Year Award and its categories within the prescribed time frame.

Finalists will receive an email confirmation of their nomination along with the procedure and dates for the announcement of the grand prize winners

SELECTION: 10 participants will be nominated as finalists per category.  Each finalist will be invited to a selection interview with our independent panel of judges, after which the winners will be elected. Selected finalists will be contacted by phone and announced on social media during the week of May 28, 2021.

THE FINAL: The names of the winners of the 4 categories of the “Esthetician of the Year 2021” award will be announced on the social networks of Esthetics News Canada. A review of the finalists and winners will be published in the July-August issue of LNE Canada magazine.

The criteria:

We invite estheticians who are driven by a desire to communicate and share their passion, who care about offering the best, who work ethically to raise the standards of our industry.

  • Be an esthetician for more than 5 years
  • Stand out by your professionalism, your impeccable services
  • Have the desire to shine and to get involved in the field of aesthetics.
  • Be the voice of aesthetics for the next year.

THE ESTHETICIAN AWARD THE RISE: We invite newly graduated estheticians (5 years and under) to apply in the Rising category.


  • The candidate must have graduated in esthetics less than 5 years ago.
  • Be employed or self-employed.
  • Have a dynamic approach and vision of aesthetics.
  • Have the will and desire to be an example for the esthetics profession.

We invite all aesthetic teachers to participate.


  • Be a teacher in a school, professional center or private training center.
  • Be an esthetician by training and have a recognized diploma in esthetics.
  • If you know a teacher who has made a difference in your career, encourage her to submit her application.

We invite estheticians with a dynamite approach and access on social media to apply.


  • Be a licensed esthetician.
  • The candidate must have an outstanding presence on social networks. Care promotions, techniques, live, information for customers, video etc.
  • Have a global approach and a marketing understanding of the aesthetic field.

We wish everyone the best of luck.