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Vitaderm 3000 + possède toutes les fonctionnalités du nouveau 4000
Disponible avec toutes les accessoires comme dans la description fournie par Dectro Electronic Montréal !
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The Vitaderm 3000 + is the result of intense scientific research and extensive consultations with aesthetic professionals and physiotherapists who are experts in their field. The Vitaderm’s microcurrent circuitry, controlled by advanced and unique technology, ensures impressive results from any facial electrolifting or silhouette remodelling treatment. By emitting a very specific microcurrent, the Vitaderm 4000 system is able to stimulate effectively, to restore the full vigour of youth to the face and body.


VITALIFT (Facial Lifting)
The VitaLift mode offers you 4 treatment options designed to give the face a smooth and youthful aspect.

Drainage facial
• Revitalizes the skin
• Favours toxin elimination
• Clears up complexion and minimizes the appaearance of dark circles under the eye

Specific Stimulation
(Hand-Held Electrodes)
Stimulates specific area of the face (eyes, cheeks, chin, etc.) to meet the needs of each client.

Automatic Stimulation
(Self-Adhesive Electrodes)
• Firms the skin
• Yields a lifting effect
• Remodels the facial oval

Personalized Stimulation
Designed to create and program advanced stimulation treatments in automatic or specific mode

VITAGYM (Body Remodeling)
The VitaGym mode offers you 4 treatment options designed to improve the overall body figure.

• Revitalizing andstimulating
• Favours toxin elimination

• Firms the skin

• Favours oxygenation of skin
• Minimizes the look of “orange peel” texture of cellulite
• Remodels the body figure

Stress Relief/Relaxation
• Relieves heaviness and discomfort sensation
• Favours relaxation

The VitaLize mode will allow you to offer specific ionophoresis treatments (ionization/deep-cleansing) for the face and body. While deep-cleansing emulsifies excess sebum on the skin surface, ionization enhances the absorption of cosmetic products and yields a shoothing effect. A great addition to all your beauty sessions!

The VitaSense mode allows aestheticians to determine the moisture level of their client’s skin, enabling them to recommend the appropr